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This wonderful text is made to be chanted, not just read, and if you commit to this, it can take you, along with attendant pujas, up to 4 hours at a time, so it's not for the faint-hearted. It has been popularised in the west recently by the wonderful work of the saintly Shri Maa and her American disciple Swami Satyananda - a fantastically eccentric character - and you can read all about their activities at their Devi Mandir in the US on the website. The Ramakrishna Mission also has a text in English and Devanigri, but not with some of the important opening chants.

Most Hindus will look at the Devi Mahatyam, or hear it recited, during Navaratri, the famous 9 days of the mother in autumn each year. On the surface it is a "vivid" or grisly rendition of how Sri Durga defeats various demons in a blur of charges, assaults and fights. But the esoteric meaning of this will unfold for you in secret and in private. She, the Mother, will richly reward anyone who seeks her through chanting the Devi Mahatyam, and it is only by Her will that you will be impelled to chant it.

A sweet story I read the other day is how one of Paramahansa Ramakrishna's closest disciples, Sashi (who became Swami Ramakrishnanda), who was brought up in strict orthodoxy, was very dismissive of the text, saying he wasn't into all of the gory stuff and fighting: His guru promptly insisted he chant it every day, and so reluctantly he began to do so. The transformation happened.

What transformation? Well, it is hard to explain, and you can only experience this for yourself. But when you become aware of the Mother playing in the universe, you realise a truly wonderful joy.

No faith, no spiritual practice is ever going to truly flower without recognising both the eternal feminine and the eternal masculine, the unmanifest unbounded and the manifested reality -  and the image of Durga or Kali standing on the inert Shiva is redolent with very primordial meaning. Love of the Mother, when it dawns in your life, has no escape. It will drown your pride, your plans, your identity. It will dance your heart and move your feet! Truly, if the Mother chooses to reveal Herself to you, then you are very blessed indeed. and the fact that you are reading these words mean that She is helping you in your search for life's mysteries and peace of mind.

I have been chanting the Devi Mahatyam  off and on for only about 2 years - the longest chant that I do - but aim to treat this each time as a very special occasion. I came to it late in my spiritual life, and for a while simply pondered it as an impossible mountain peak that I could not hope to scale. It would take too much effort. Then finally I took the plunge.

The very first time I sat to chant it (with no selfish aim in mind), I was so exhausted, discouraged, dispirited and fatigued I crawled into bed thinking "no one could possibly ehave enjoyed that!" because I had chanted the text so very clumsily and ultimately with great weariness. Yet within 24 hours a new car was sitting outside my house (a strange miracle of prosperity). The next time, within 24 hours an enlightened saint, Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi, burst into my awareness and my life and since that day I accept Him as my Guru. 

These days nothing quite so dramatic happens, and I chant it either for World Peace or for blessings for others. It is a major undertaking, a major tapasya and involves intense concentration. But some little miracles have also unfolded for others. And at present (May 2012) I'm chanting it every day for 108 days, lasting up to August (see separate posts).

Home Puja (6ft poster of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi you can just
see at the back). Devis are (l to r) Durga, Sri Hrishikesha Kesava (from Rishikesh) and Durga devi
together with Lord Naramsimha, Maheshwara, Sri Ganesh and Sri Dattatreya  
just visible at Lord Krishna's right foot. 
Gurus pictured include Sivananda, Gurumayi, Muktananda, Nityananda, and a young Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi.
Other pics in the room include Gayatri Ma, Maha Saraswati, Mahalakshmi, Mahakali

This is the mysterious murti of Durga 
that came my way during the chanting 108 day Chandi Path.
She's actually very big, and I travelled 200 miles to find Her...

But most recently, a day or so after chanting this, something miraculous did happen in a very different way: I found my heart pulsating with waves of love, and for a day or so everything I saw and everything I witnessed seemed, simply, the Divine Mother at play. The "I" remained, but for just that brief moment I seemed to catch a glimpse of  this fantastic camouflaged reality, giant and all-encompassing. And after it faded away, I remembered the same sense of shock and awe had come when at the Ganges for the first time, seeing what looked liked spirits and figures playing in the torrents of sparkling turqoise water at Rishikesh. This sense of everything being saturated by Her presence is no fantasy. It all comes down to Her in the end.

The other wonderful aspect of the Devi Mahatyam is the "curse lifting" side of it. Many of us are unconsciously infested with thought forms and presences that greatly hinder our lives in the form of addictions, compulsions, rages, excessive self-pity etc etc. Furthermore within us all is what is called in Hinduism "papa-purusha", the "body of sin"... a sort of personal devil made up of every bad tendency that we have grown in this and other lives.

Chanting texts is like using the "sword" of Durga to lessen and thin out papa-purusha. So if you are in inner trouble and turmoil, and really need help, email me if you are desperate and I'll chant. NOT for your prosperity, but for your illumination. The Devi Mahatyam is not an exercise in begging, in "gimme this, gimme that", in "poor me", in "I want a Porsche".But the penultimate chapter, ch12, lists some of the help it gives, especially if you in deep trouble and do not know where to turn, andin this modern society people can very easily slip into dreadful trouble of all sorts.

The text I use is the one published by Devi Mandir, and as a word of warning you only get to chapter 1 by page 108 or so! So there is a lot of preparatory chanting, lots of unlocking the power of the recitation. And you will most probably feel pretty wiped out after doing it. But it is also possible to finish chants and pujas after about 2hrs.

The other aspect is what "tune" to use, to put it in western terms. There are in fact many options indeed. It's a complicated area. But don't just speak the verses, sing them. Sincere devotion is the key to it all. The Mother will know and appreciate your efforts, will make a 1000 steps to you even if you take one tiny faltering step to Her. She knows we are blind, helpless, and inclined to wander off. She will help you. Go on Youtube, tho and check out some of the tunes. Again, Devi Mandir has CDs to buy, which gives you one possible tune. Devi Mandir also has a wonderful little book on ways to chant the Chandi Path... fancy standing in icy water for 4 hours? Well, that might be a bridge too far, but have courage, make a resolution, just tackle it once even and without any expectation, just as an exercise of love and devotion. Then the Mother will come.

But what joy, what joy, what a fortune to be able to chant this! And what grace comes from it, what wonderful inspiring praises of the great Devi!

There are many secrets this chant posseses, but perhaps the greatest gift it can give you is absolute conviction that all these tales of gods, goddesses, mukti, samadhi, the whole world of indian spirituality, all of it is profoundly true and profoundly relevant. What better way to spend a bit of your life than chant the Devi Mahatyam!

Perhaps another aspect: spirituality is not necessarily a grim and humourless affair. This chant is really zestful, full of incident and colour, and life and movement and the vibrations of these wonderful mantras vibrate inyour blood cells, sparkle everywhere in you as they find a home. The Devi is composed of mantras woven out of light. That is Her body that manifests in the recitation.

Treat this with awe and reverence and if you decide to do this even just once in your life, know that blessings from Divine mother will surely flow to you and ease the pain of your life. You are Her beloved child, always, always, always...

Below, I've cut and pasted some extra info that may be of help... they are not my words but give you an idea of the benefits of chanting the Chandi Path.

Many seekers want to rush to this chant I think more out of desire for rewards than as an exercise in devotion, and they immediately get confused about WHAT introductory chants to do, and WHERE to get the text. You do need the text! 

My advice is head here to some folks who know all there is to know about the Chandi Path:

My other advice would be to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER whether you actually have the stamina to do this. The easier and very sweet option is to chant intead the SRI LALITA SAHASRANAM and there is a long post about this in the May or June 2013 blogs on this blog. The SLS is a sweet, intoxicating and easy and blissful recitation of 1000 names of the Mother, a beautiful and far less punishing practice, so if you feel that zing of devotion and want to sing out her praises don't think the Chandi Path is your only option...

"Though Devi Mahatmyam looks like stories, there are very valuable lessons on Her nature in it. The deeper you go, the more you can understand and appreciate the lessons in the stories."

The benefit of reading Devi Mahatmya several times is given below:
  • Three times - to get rid of effects of black magic
  • Five times - to get rid of difficulties caused by planets
  • Seven times - to get rid of great fear.
  • Nine times - achieves Peace,
  • Eleven times - to get over fear of death, attention of the king
  • Twelve times - getting desires fulfilled and destruction of enemies
  • Fourteen times - to attract partners  as well as destroy enemies
  • Fifteen times - Pleasant life and obtaining of wealth
  • Sixteen times - to get sons and grand sons
  • Seventeen times - to get rid of fear of the King
  • Eighteen times - to get occult powers
  • Twenty times - For war to end
  • Twenty-five times - To come out of prison
  • Hundred times - to get rid of great sorrow, banishment from caste, Loss of life, salvation
  • Hundred and eight times - Fulfilling any wanted desire
  • One thousand times - Goddess Mahalakshmi will visit him and he will get all wealth

And, from me

  1. Pronunciation of the mantras correctly is essential, unfortunately. If you don't really know how to pronounce sanskrit, this could be a problem.
  2. Having said that: devotion is the real essence of this, devoted concentration and one pointedness.
  3. Meaning is also really important: make sure you know what is going on, what is being said, when you recite. I've had to adjust my text so that I can easily see what is the meaning of what is being chanted.
  4. Preparatory mantras are crucial, as are closing mantras. The only place I've actually found these in English is the Devi Mandir printed version is by the American Sadhu Swami Satyananda (picture below), and there are at least 4 extra chants you need to do, especially the siddha kunjika stotram . Plus the Devi Kavachyam - which lets you put on "the armour of the goddess" as protection. Most deities have their own kavacha texts.

  1. Water: if you are completely austere, you'll chant without a sip. If you are a little more humane to yourself, make sure you have some water. I always take a sip at the beginning of every new chapter.
  2. Shifting your asana/seating position: again, depends how flexible you are. I sit in either 1/2 lotus or siddhasana, but with a crippled back I find I have to shift positions as follows, following the natural flow of the text: After ch4, after ch 7, after ch10... but the aim is not to get up out of your asana until the chant is completed. 
  3. REVERENCE! easy for mind to wander: be hard on yourself and make sure you pay attention when you chant, and keep the proper attitude. This may sound wierd, but when my mind really begins to go here there and everywhere, I slap my own cheeks to bring the mind back again.
  4. Timing: when you chant is of course up to you. I live in the world and have to work for a living, so it is early evening for me. Early morning is a great time, but this chant definitely feels at its most appropriate in the evening. Don't get put off by wondering what the most auspicious times are or you'll find yourself wandering in a thicket of lost intentions. The Slokas themselves suggest 8th, 9th and 14th days of the Lunar fortnight as days to chant (read this in Chapter 12) if you want to be doubly sure, and to calculate that you need access to a panchang, an almanac, which is easily available online at, for example, .
  5. Place is crucial , the right isolated spot either in your house or outside. This is a ritual, after all, and rituals derve their own place and space in order to unfold. 
  6. Remember the concept of what has been called limnal space: you are creating a sacred moment which is on the edge of time, just on the edge, where time gets a bit blurry and fuzzy and fluid. Linear time tends to get shaken about when you chant this regularly, because you are creating on a different plane of reality a yantra, a living breathing evocastion of the Goddess, a vibratory essence which has life and super-intelligence. And you are doing something that has been done in essence for many thousands of years: This is ancient worship of the divine as the feminine, it is something deeply appropriate to our nervous systems, it activates deep cellular memories and helpful tendencies buried in that complex interwoven strand  of karmas which is the individual soul. Religions tend to get a bit strange when this Divine feminine principle is ignored (and I'm sure yoiu know which religions I'm talking about...)

Om aim hreem shreem dum Durgayi namaha! 


    Me form India kerala state.
    I chant the DEVI MAHATMYAM.
    But my mouth only chants. hands and mind doing something else.
    why is it so? What to do to start loving it?
    Also I am used to chant at night around 7 pm. Does it incur sin? Please respond as I dont have a guru, you are blessed with one. Also I didnt find your email ID here.

    1. Do not be discouraged nor faint hearted.
      Blessings are always there... She moves in hidden ways across the arc of your entire life. Look at Taras feet

    2. That could be because maybe you don't understand the meaning of what you chant.
      Try and think about it while you chant.
      It will help focus your mind a great deal.

  2. is it not necessary to chant mantras like the siddha kungika only after being initiated in it by some guru.

    1. What words are really necessary? Do you want to unlock the key to a treasury, when the treasure is already yours? Your real Mother will never abandon you. But her illusion is wonderfully strong.

    2. Ive started a 48 day everyday chanting of chandi.33 days are over some days i feel a little restless and want to give it up but than thatis only till i pick up the book once I lay my hands on it and start its a non stop chant.Did any one intiate you in the nine letter mantra?

  3. hi

    jz wana share about my exp to the world.i was a jobless person and debts arnd me.i thought my l
    life will be like this for the rest of my life.i m very fond of maa durga and decided to recite devi mahatmyam for nine days on navarathri and on the ten day i lite up 108 lemon lamp in my pooja room.i was surprised coz iwas called for an interview and got job with good salary . thx to maa
    durga.plz mail at

    1. Gland to hear success in your endeavours!!! :D
      Let more and more happiness enter into your life!!! :D

  4. could you please chant for me, for my illumination!
    i haven't started to chant chandi patha yet!
    But you sure have motivated me with this post!
    Actually i found this post in a very strange manner!
    i Googled "chandika HD" and from the picture given above i came to this website!
    The mother has her strange ways of uniting us all!
    Just some time before i asked mother to introduce me to one of her favorite devotees...!
    And lo! I'm introduced to you!!!
    By the way,
    Hi, there it's a pleasure to meet you! :D
    with lots of love, another devotee of mother!

    1. Wonderful, it's wonderful.... Where can we go which is not Her, what can we say which are not Her words: perhaps we can only say to her:

      "You can leave us... And We have nowhere else to go!"

    2. I also want to chant and get the blessings of maa durga.I tried frist bt ended abruptly. shall i chant each chapter each day. is there any other procedures? pls help.

    3. One piece of advice would be that you might be chanting the WRONG chant for you! Try the Sri Lalita Sahasranam, it's very easy, very peaceful, very profound, very delightful... chant the 1008 names as a "Vali" seperate names, not all together. takes about 45 minutes only but its beautiful practrce and read all about it in a blog post for May or June 2013.

  5. i found two types of kunjika stotram in net. pls help me to findout wich is the real one to be chanted. i started chanting durga saptha sloki everyday . DS is very big and i fear wether i can chant it properly . bt i love to chant it .pls will some one help me . my email id

    1. Again: don't obsess about the Chandi Path, it is not the only or the "best" chant to the dEvi. Sri Lalita Sahasranam is far easier to do, much quicker, just as profound... and really enjoyable too.

  6. Pranam Guruji,

    I am a student in Usa, I just completed my Masters. My dad and mom told me that Maa Durga is my Deity/Kuldevi. After that I started reading Durga Saptshati. I read the Hindi version with pure devotion. I just want to know can I read it by myself because I dont have any guru.


    1. Namaste Parveen

      Congratulations firstly on completing your Masters.
      Now don't worry about reading the Durga Saptshati, you don't need a Guru to start reading this, but if you mean "reciting" not just reading, that is a different matter, and if you can read in Hindi you can chant in Sanskrit I hope. It is the sounds of the shlokas which are so important, sounds which create extraordinary protective patterns in the atmosphere.
      My advice is that yopu can carry on reading with devotion, in Hindi, but for real devotion to the Devi thereare far simpler practices for you to do which do not require knowledge of sanskrit, gurus or anything - and the very first step is to sort out in your own heart and mind what you, not your parents,feel is the correct ishta devata for you... it may be some particular form of the Mother is most appealing to you.
      If you can, set aside a time on a Friday evening to just simply sit in front of a picture of the Mother and ask Her to bless you and help reveal the way to a Guru for you, and the right way to approach Her. Such natural, childlike faith and devotion will give you everything.

    2. Pranaam Guruji,

      Thanks a lot for your precious guidance. I have read Sanskrit during my school days and I also spent some days in Gurukul. I guess I can read in Sanskrit but I am very afraid of Durga mata's anger. I don't want to make any mistake or error. And I started reading Durga Saptshati 4 years before.I reached so far only due to the grace of maa durga. I am very thankful to Maa Durga. I just want to worship her and want to be her follower and son for my entire life. One Panditji told me that I can read durga saptshati in Hindi and Durga maa will bless me and forgive me for my errors and mistakes. Please let me know if their is any other practice that I can do to please my deity.

    3. My advice would be to not worry about Her anger or anything! She is your real Mother, She is so tender to Her devotees, her special children, and to fear Her is absolutely not neccessary so please have no fear at all! Even mispronounced words with great and simple devotional intentions have a heart-melting effect on Her. Her wrathful side is reserved for those who commit wrong, think wrong, harm others with cruelty.

      There is one other chant I strongly recommend which is very easy to do, also mentions Durga Mata and is very blissful and simple, the Shri Lalita Sahasranam! Read on this blog the two posts on it, very recent posts, and you will I hope see what I mean.

      There is another post, a simple guide to Shakti worship that might also help.

      Above all, be comforted and cheerful. She loves you as Her own baby and will fiercely protect You in all ways. What a blessing for You!

  7. Dear friend,

    This is an amazing site you created and congratulations on your incredible spiritual success.

    I've been browsing your site and generally agree with many things.

    However, one simple remark from my side is, dont be so austere with yourself.

    We call Her Mother because we dont need to be formal with Her. If there is anything you want you just ask. Just like a baby doenst hesitate to ask his mother for food, milk, attention or anything. You dont need to surpress any kind of desire you have. If its money you want just ask for money - if its something else just ask. You cant hide your true desires from her anyway. :))

    Its my deep experience that Durga maa doenst need even a second when I call her. So I thought of sharing this experience with you.

    Of course you are much more knowledgable than me so please forgive if I said too much.

    Again, wonderful site with very valuable knowledge here!

    Infact I read something here a few days before I did a akhand path for the 1st time. I've been praying to Durga devi since my childhood but did the path just a few months ago myself.

    So wish you all the best and thanks for your great site!

  8. dear brother or sister

    Yes, my sentiments exactly, and you can read almost these very words in many of the posts (especially Shakti a simple guide to worship). Our Mother is closer to us than our breath and provides so much encouragement and surprising help. This has been my experience year in year out, the living presence inside us, outside us, the spouse of Lord Shiva, our intimate heart-dweller. wonderful that you do not stand on ceremony with Her! Congratulations!

    1. Dear Brahmachari ji,

      Thanks for your reply. My Pranaam to you.

      Jai Mata Di!

    2. We are all brothers and sisters... I would love the world to be filled with ecstatic worshippers of the Queen of the Universe! What bliss it would be, so the only way I can try bring this heaven on earth is just start with myself. Thats all we have, really, just our desire for love and light and the strength of truth, loving kindness. The light of the Mother will shine very strongly in you my friend in the coming years.

    3. Dear Brahmachari ji,

      Thanks again for your reply.

      I thought about you, since I've got a question.

      I started chanting the Navarna Mantra december 2010, maybe a few months later.

      I intuitively searched for prayers, actually Chalisa of Kaali devi. The background was, that I was troubled by ghastly news headlines being projected all day long.

      I found it very hard to deal with all that information like other people do. I.e., just disregard it as something bad happening somewhere in the world and not let it "get on you". I used to have like nightmares and stuff because of all the information about bad people doing bad things.

      Thats when I truly found solace in Kaali maa. I listened to her Chalisa and all the disturbing information just did not cross my way.

      And that is exactly what She does, isn't it? When demons like Mahishasur take over paradise, She kills the demons and drives them back to hell (paataal lok). Maybe the world is not big enough for human beings and demons to live next to each other.

      Anyway, so .. while looking her Chalisa up, I was also led to the Navarna Mantra and I automatically started listening to this Mantra very often. Sometime later, I started sort of meditating alongside listening to it and sometime later even, I started chanting it myself.

      The effects were tremendous. I've read somewhere that you're not supposed to talk about the experience of your Saadhana so I won't go into detail here.

      My question to you actually is, - how necessary do you regard an initiation into the mantra? All Hindu scriptures speak a lot about the importance of initiation and I did not receive initiation by any Guru. But the way I was led to the mantra and the effects of it and everything which happenend seemed very natural.

      However, I remembered just today that due to an effect of this mantra, I first had a little fight with a collegue of mine. This fight was the starting point of a big issue which lasted for two years and finally I had to leave my job because of that.

      I'm not saying, that I attribute this entirely to the chanting of the mantra. Nor do I actually know how things would have developed without the protection of the mantra.

      I'm just very amazed by the effects of the Mantra. With Hindu mantras it's truly amazing to see the effects. Like it's not about belief but about actually knowing and experiencing God. And still it's very natural and integrates into your life, it doesn't shake you or shock you.

      Sometimes though, a lot of bad karma or negative energy is released in the very beginning which might be a little harsh.

      So, i though of asking you. And I apologize for all the confused outburst. Hope it makes some kind of sense to you.

      I've never been formal with Devi ji. A sincere prayer to Her is a zillion times more effective than any kind of chanting of mantras or anything, even if they're Her own mantras. So generally, I don't think that not having an initiation may result in something bad.

      I just want hear your opinion on this.

      And if you don't mind, I'd like to add that I generally do not seek the opinion of non-indians in religious matters even if they have been practising Hinduism for a long time.

      But after reading your articles, I dont feel that way about you at least. I think your spirituality is true and your spiritual progress is apparent.

      I apologize if that sounds rude. I'm sure being so knowledgable you can forgive me for this small-mindedness.

      I live in Europe and it feels great to be able to talk about my sadhana and religiousity. People of my age in India are not so religious like I am, and over here it's difficult to talk to your friends about anything if they don't know what are you're actually talking about. lol

      So, anyway, think I've written a lot already. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your reply.


    4. Great to hear from you, and it's a good question, so thanks for that.

      Your sensitivity to the environment in these angry times is understandable. There's a stage in spiritual life where everything can get unbearable, where the weight of the world, its harshness, cruelty, the greed and lusts of modern human society all just seem too much, leaving your nerves in a permanent state of fatigue. With this kind of sensitivity you have to be very shrewd and very gentle to yourself: shrewd in dealing with the world so that you can still earn a living but not lose your centre, and gentle because of the suffering this sensitivity can cause.

      But there is an upside to this condition: at odd times, in odd moments, entirely unexpectedly, sensitivity will allow you to experience very deeply the beauty of this world.

      This stage does pass, and one way of practically dealing with it is each day at the end of the day nominating to yourself the most beautiful thing you have seen or heard or felt that day... a child you saw laughing; a dog playing; something that made you smile. Sounds like a silly practice, but it is a wonderful way to start looking very deeply for the touch of the divine in the world.

      Initiation into mantras is a challenging subject. One thing you can do is one evening do a bit of praying to your ishta devata, saying "look, you have shown me no guru and not led me to formal initiation. But I think I need both... will you help me." or simply "Thy will be done in this matter."

      There are many different initiations, tho. Different levels of practice suiting life circumstance and so on. I would take the name as you have and not be frightened at all about it, be simple and child-like and natural and simply say "Ma, I'm taking your name... hope its OK". Bad effects don't come from mantras unless your heart is turned to the bad.

      So, take the name, don't be worried, and wait to see what happens in your life, if you are steadfast help, light, love and support will flow to you in so many ways. These are not idle words, they are the mother's promise to you.

      Feel free to keep in touch and if you are troubled by too many nightmares etc, you will have to also take a look at your diet and eating habits etc, but I will leave that up to you to think about...

    5. Thanks very much for the detailled answer and sharing the insight!

      I've got one more question, maybe you can bring in some light into this.

      If listening to Chandi Path equal to reciting?
      By listening I mean audio not participating in the path as guest.

      I can read devnagri and my pronounciation is good but its difficult coz I learned as a kid and never regularly read/write ..

    6. Well, the results are mixed. Its a bit like hearing the sound of the sea through a window, or actually going in for a swim in the sea... Which is the most intense experience to wash you? The Chani Path cleanses and purifies wherever it is heard. But the tough and rewarding challenge is recite it. You can buy translations of the Devanigri into roman letters, which makes it easier... But commit at least once in your life to plunge in this sea!

    7. Hmm, .. yes I guessed so too.

      Just, the last time I recited (I vowed to recite 5 times on 5 consecutive days), I took 4 hours to complete.

      Thanks again for your reply. It's certainly very encouraging to do a proper path.

    8. ps: I read about "paap purush" in one of your articles.
      I never heard this term but it so accurately decribes the effect of reciting Chandi Paath or even praying to Devi ji.

      Thank you again for your articles, they're a great source of re-confirmation of experiences and new knoweldge as well.


  9. Pranam Guruji,

    As you told me, I am reading Durga Saptshati with devotion. I am having a lot of fears and I am feeling myself under pressure. I am looking for a job from a long time. I got some responses but I didn't get any job yet.Please tell me what should I do to relieve myself from these fears.

    1. Ok, are you praying? Put down the reading and simply every friday spend some time praying to Ma. Thats it. She will hear you. I do understand the job situation is worrying... And very stressful. Maybe you think a simple thing like prayer is not enough, but it is.

      I shall place your name on my puja and pray to Ma as Mother Lakshmi for you. Be brave, be patient. Ma protects you. Call out the Her again and again! Call to my Guru Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He is the king.

    2. Thank you Guruji, thanks a lot for motivating me. Now, I will keep praying everyday, till Maa bless me with her blessings.She is the only one who can help me in achieving my goals.
      Thanks a lot, I will call Guru Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.

    3. I spent some time for you this morning, chanting the Lakshmi Stotram and asking for Her blessings for your auspicious prosperity, and asking my Gurus protction for you. Destiny is destiny, but my brother you have been prayed and chanted for!

    4. Pranam Guruji,
      Thanks a lot Guruji for your blessings,I want Maa to let me worship her. To be her true follower and a true devotee.Thanks Guruji for being my mentor.

    5. Your faith and trust will bring you to Her, she is the compassionate one, and she is there for you in all ways. Be patient, surrender, and be honest and simple hearted...

  10. Jai Maa Durge Jai Maa Kali Jai Maa Laxmi Jai Maa Sarasavati
    Navadurga Navadurga Navadurga Devi
    Sailaputri Brahmacarini Chandraghanta Kushmanda Skandamata Katyayani Kalaratri Mahagauri Siddhidatri
    Jai Jai Jai Shree Devi Mahatmya !!!

  11. Pranaam Guruji,

    I am very thankful to Maa Durga and also to you. By the grace and blessings of MAA, I got the job.But you know, she is our beloved mother, she bestows me with two job offers. Whenever I ask her something, she always fulfilled all my wishes. I am highly indebted to you, to show me this path.
    Jai Maa Durga..

    1. That is such good news! Well done, fantastic, now enjoy this next phase of your life. The Mother's kindness is always there for all of us, no matter who we are or what we do... but Her devotees are especially dear to Her...

  12. Sir,

    My name is Rameesh. I live in Hyderabad, a city in the South of India.

    Divine mother is my strength and weakness. I feel I should completely surrender myself to Her, but that strong ego and a conditioned mind is constantly taking me away from Her.

    Coming to the material aspect of my life, I lost everything physical and emotional, even my means of living. In other words, I’m a SURATHA and SAMADHI right now.

    Whatever efforts I made to improve my spiritual and material life have been fruitless so far. But this time I made a resolve that I shall complete the Chandi Navakshari Mantra Japa sadhana at least 4 hundred thousand times before this forth coming Dussera ( Vijaya Dasami ). I also wish to chant the Devi mahatmya 9 times, one time a day during the forthcoming Nav Ratri.

    I request you to kindly pray to Devi so that She can bless me to accompish my Sadhana. I’m in a state of mind that I can do nothing without Her special blessings. Iccha, Jnana and Kriya Shakthi has withdrawn from me and only She can instill it back in me.


    Sri Matre Namaha.

    1. Namaste prabhu and congratulations on your brave sankalpa... I will pray for you, and Im sure ohers will join too in this effort... From your ground zero a great opening of the heart will eventually come and you will look back with pride on dedicating yourself this way. Good luck and keep in touch, and... Jai Ma, she has mighty arms to hold you.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Namsthe guruji

    It is Devi's blessings that searched for Devi Mahatmyam ( Durga sapthasati ) in net and i really blessed to get so much information about it. I am happy to say that i am able to read it completely today.i read it for my w'be who is in some trouble ,in another country .Pls tell if i am doing the correct one for this.taking upvas on mondays and fridays.

    thanking you

    sindhu (kerala,india

    1. You will be blessed in this matter, try to also chant Ma's name but if you can read the Chandi Path this will be fine for your circumstance, so rejoice!

    2. Namaste guruji,
      Thank you so much for the reply and advice.Though i am not able to read it completely daily,i am going through kavacham and 11th chapter every day as per my astrology guru who passed away last i am having so many doubts about it and some of them clear visiting your site.thank you for helping all with your knowledge and blessings.It is my mother who used to say the real mother is "Gagadamba",the supreme of the universe and what ever worries comes put in front of her.

      By chanting Ma's name ,i hope u mean to chant mantra of chandi devi.please clear i am doing according to the text in the book .I dont have Guru in this regard.i feel Guru is some one who Guides U to reality which is Ultimate

      As u said i feel blessed to have a life with full faith in god.I am happy to say with her blessings i happened to do the lyrics and composed songs for two audio CDs.The greatness is one of the songs is taken for reciting in the "kartyayani devi temple" near all happened about 9 years back.

      I really have good faith in devi and she helped me in several times in life.when I was in trouble after 1st marriage and in foreign country used to chant lalita sahasranamam which i belive saved my life and back home.gone through much troublesome years and luckly got some one who love me more than i love him.It is since one year i have been praying for him and safe return of him from UK.I hope Devi Ma will help him for early release.I really need your blessings and prayer for the "bandana mukti" of him and for my prayers.
      But guruji to live in this world we need to stand in our own.Not able to get a permanent job even after doing research for many years and worked as teacher in school and colleges.Being MSc zoology with degree in education,now joined for MA psychology and also started vedanta(under one scholar)

      Again I am very much thankful to your advice and really expect more
      "Ammae Kartyayani Devi Kartyayani
      Ammae Bagavati Nityam namo namah"( from my song)
      thanking you

    3. Sindhu anyone who sings Ma's praises is close to her heart and this is not an honour which many people please reflect onthat. It may see you are alone in the world to try and support yourself, but again, do not forget faith, shradda, and reflect that She is there for you, but not your servant, and She has Her own way of unfolding treasure in your life. Be patient, all is well and all really will come to fruit in your life, and do not despair. Times will improve. Keep singing Her name even if it is only when you have your bath... But keep singing. Abhasya, practice, practice practice love for yourself and others. All will flow from practice.

  15. Namste Swamiji,

    I have been drawn towards shakti worship from the past few years. Shiva is my ista devata and I have always felt calm and peaceful praying to Shiva. However from the last two years I felt the need to uderstand Shakti or the kinetic energy..have read alot of books and texts and merely reading has in a way brought in a subtle transformation in me. This year I really wanted to read the Chandipaath during Navarati. However due to my hectic work schedule I could not bring myself to do it. Morever, I felt I wasn't prepared yet. As a workaround, I have been chanting the 'Navarna Mantra' followed by 'Siddhi Kunjika Stotram and the 'prayer for forgiveness' in the Chandipaath from the start of Mahalaya i.e 3 Oct. Am amazed by the subtle changes in these few days. Firstly, I have been feeling much happier and peaceful. Also, Mother's play in the everyday occurences of nature be it an insect on a flower or the clouds skimming across the sky is so apparent and beautiful that I am astounded how I was not able to realise these before. I am also beginning to feel Mother's divine help to overcome the mind which is the most lethal demon of all.

    Sorry for having ranted on, my humble question to you is: Will chanting of Navarna mantra and Siddhi Kunjika Stotram suffice in lieu of chanting the whole Chandipaath? Any recommendations that you can provide? Thank you.

    1. Yes you are doing fantastically well. The Mother is always revealing Herself in the most apparently ordinary things... Rainfall, the cry of a child, even the honk of car horns. She is playing with you, so this is sweet. Keep to your simple basic practice and dont worry too much about missing out on something wonderful. The Mother instills in us a desire to sing Her name, but she also gives us viveka, discrmination or common sense, and it is better to be mature about what time you have to chant. I am in Geneva right now and fully understand the demands of a working life during Navarartri, how. Sometimes all we can really say is "life is Thy gift o me. Thank you sweet Mother." In time opportunities will comefor more time to do sadhana and swadhyaya...

  16. Namastae guruji,
    thanks a lot for reply.i got mail ID from this site to which i send some of my songs.My main prayer is to get peace as we share what we have; to give strength to my body and mind so that i can concentrate in my prayers, the aim of "jeevatama".But is it possible for a human being leading normal life to rise up to that level.I am trying to keep myself happy but sometimes does not workout.The blessing and payers showered
    gave tension less day for me ,spending with my guru's family.
    "ammae narayana"
    Thanking you

    1. Just trust that you in the right place, at the right time, in the right company. Obvious thing to say but wee all take many years to truly unfold ourselves. I am nearly 60 years now but I have learned that we flower many times over many years so dont panic and think you are missing out. On the other hand, a saying from Lahiri Mahasaya... "Make God your summer guest or he wont tun up in the winter."

  17. Namaste Ji
    i'm from south india and have been trying to get information regarding chanting the Chandi Path for quite some time now.

    I want to chant the Chandi Path. I so do.
    This has been a long time desire of my heart, but every where i turned to help, i wasonly told that if one is not initiated into it, one should not chant.
    Also that great harm will befall one if one chants it incorrectly.
    I have no knowledge of sanskrit, so all this has scared the living daylights out of me.
    but my desire to chant the Chandi Path, simply does not go away.
    It becomes dim sometimes but doesnt get extinguished.
    What should i do ? Please advise me.
    Can i chant the Chandi. If so what procedure should i follow. Also is it ok to chant the Chandi Path at night, because thats when i get undisturbed time.
    I will be waiting for your reply eagerly. thank you.

  18. How rare it is for the Mother to instil in souls the desire to chant Her name! How blessed you are! Dont pay attention to such silly scare stories... As if chanting Her name should only be the right of an exclusive club of bearded grumpy old men. Rubbish! What kind of mother would punish her own child for chanting her name! Fly on those wings of faith, trust in Her, start your chant, evening is fine... And just go for it. Chant because you love Her. She will listen most eagerly.

    1. Namste brother

      Many many thanks for your kind reply. Kindly excuse the delay in my reply, i was held up with some issue.

      You have given me great hope with your kind and encouraging words.

      I want you to know that i have taken the sankalpa of memorising the Candi !!!

      I know it is very difficult and i have no idea if it will even be possible for me. But sitting in the Mandir on Vijayadasami during the evening vesper service, i had an uncontrollable urge to do something for MOTHER.

      So, donno what got into me, but then and there i Promised HER that i would memorize the Candi, For HER !

      I MUST be MAD

      So here iam stumbling along with the Argala and Kilakam
      but i know SHE has to help me do this, because iam doing it only for HER and not for anything else.

      Kindly remember me in your Prayers, that i may do what i have set out to do.

      thank you once again for your kind words of hope and encouragement.
      Any advise from you on how to navigate my path, i shall humbly accept.


    2. Wow, what a great heart you have. It is that heart which will help warm others, and it is a brave, sweet and lovely task. My only advice is to be sensible about all this, and not overload yourself. Honestly sort out if you have the time and inner resources. If you want to not just chant the chandi path but memorise it, try the easy praise slokas in ch 4 and 11 and expand from there. A far easier text to memorise is the Sri Lalita Sahasranam so don't think Chandi Path is your only option. Above all, be gentle with yourself and apply common sense! One cry of "Maaa" is really enough, but let me know how you progress and what you uncover about yourself in the process... and good luck! I pray for your success and thank you so much for your purity of heart. Now take a deep breath, bow, and chant.....

  19. Started a 108 days chanting on mahalaya amavasya-you are the inspiration for this.
    Jayanthi Mangala kali bhadrakali kapalini
    Durga kshma Shiva Dhathri Swaha Swadha Namosthu thae.

  20. Congratulations on this splendid sankalpa and resolve... What an amazing and lovely thing to do! May you richly succeed in this challenging tapasya....

  21. Dear Brahmachari ji,

    I wish to read Maa Durga's Kavach daily. Are there any rules and regulations to be followed to read them. Can I read it any time during day ?


    1. Namaste Lata

      Please read the recent blog entry on the Devi Kavacham, which gives some help in this matter...basically best to recite early in morning and end of day. TYhis will protect you with love, and guard the heart. Do it fearlessly and with reverence and trust in Her mercy and benevolence!

    2. The blog post on the DEVI KAVACHAM you can find in JULY 2013 listing!

    3. Dear Brahmachariji,

      Thanks a lot for your reply.


  22. Namastae Guruji
    Thanks a lot for your prayer and blessing .i am able to chant Devi mahatmyam 7 times during navratri.It seems i got more strength to face this world and more patience .my plan was to do it 25 times which didnt work out.
    thanks for your blessings

  23. pujya guruji pranam..!!
    i am chanting everyday shri kawach, argala n kilak followed by shidhkunjikastratam.
    kindly let me know that hw many path of this can make make maa durga shower her full blessing..

    1. Many blessings and apologies, i have been travelling and unable o answer queries.
      What makes you think your Divine Mother is not showering Her blessings in ll ways, in all days of your life?
      Often we want to be holy, but this disguises the need of the ego for power and experiences. What do you feel you are not reciving? Money? Fame? Job security? Whatever it is, if you chant with surrender and love, everything will follow for you, and you will walk in the sunlight. Just chant with love, with surrender, without wanting anything. Can you do this?

    2. Guruji Sadar Panam.....!!!!
      grateful to hv a reply from u.
      Divine mother hav blessing on me ....she make me able to pray her divine stotra everyday.......n coz of her only got a chance to meet a holy personna like u...
      Surely i m doin d i will do wt u mention.

    3. Well done, fantastic effort... keep your heart warm with chanting HER name every day this will bear fruit inside you until one day you will truly become a flower of light...

  24. Guruji, Namaste! I need your help.My organization hasn't done well in the last quarter nor is meeting the numbers thus far for this quarter as well. Its quite a challenging phase with only 2 weeks left and every single employee is worried. I do not carry any quota on my head and know that good or bad my job will stay. But I want to pray... pray so that we meet our numbers . I know if Maa wishes we will not only meet but will exceed the desired results. Every time I see my friends worried faces ....something tells me to pray to maa , chant her name and we will all hear good by the end of the quarter. I am clueless! I read your blog on Lalitha Sahasranama and Chandi Path reciting... My heart has always called out for her and she has answered it. This time also I want to call her to help my organization. Please keep us in ur prayers. I am sure maa will never turn us down. If Maa wishes I will Start reciting the chandi Path very soon. :) Thankyou for your wonderful guidance through this blog. May Maa give you lot of strength for the beautiful work you are doing. Thanks again.

    1. Just two questions on this: is your company ethical because it would not be good to pray for success for a company dedicated to greed, selling harmful products. I'm sure your company is not like that, but need to check. Other question, can you just give me the first letter of the company's name (ie "Company L")

    2. I can mail you the company's name, kindly your email id. Definitely not unethical :) Its another software company.

    3. Starts with "V"

    4. Guruji, not sure if you saw my reply. Kindly share your email id to contact you.


    5. Please take on board the words of Sri Ramanuja:
      "He who has truly surrendered at the feet of God should not bestow any thought on his future, which is entirely at God's disposal. For the least anxiety felt in that connection betrays the hypocrisy in his self-surrender. His present life is entirely determined by his past karmas. So it is not proper to grieve over it." But try my work email

  25. Dear Guru ji,
    first of all many many thanks for such a useful and informative site, kindly let me know that from where i can get Sri Lalita Sahasranam Valli and Devi Mahatyam. Is Chandi Path and Devi Mahatyam is one and the same thing.
    Guru ji for me since long the things are not going well all the time I am facing problems in my job and in finance. Nohing is working for me no Pooja no mantra no rituals.
    While searching on net benefits of chanting Sita Ram I cam across to your site and stared reading.
    Guru ji pls guide me how to bring the things in order why I am facing failure every where why all the time loss in my life. Guru ji can you chant for me as you have mentioned in your post and how to call open your Guru ji Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi.
    Pls reply as I am in very bad shape, no job or work since Jan,2013. very hard to pull.
    Pls send me you mail ID so I can write you in detail about my problem. I have been chanting Durga mantra for long but with no results.

  26. Dear Guruji,
    Where have you sent the reply?

    1. The reply has mysteriously vanished! OK, in this situation the highest devotee will accept this is Devi's blessings and accept the will of prarabda karma, but let us assume you are very frantic and depressed about your prospects. You are a child of God and very much cherished and loved! I will chant the Mahalakshmi stotra for you this Friday. Please if you can abstain from one meal on that day. Life will be restored to you, but just be patient. The real challenge is your attitude. Please read two of the latest blog posts, one on spiritual quotes, one on Sadhana CHallenges: Job Losses (In September 2013) and these will help you. Be courageous, leave your weeping, act like a warrior of the Devi here. I will chant for you. Much love. Your life is blessed, but you just do not realise this.

    2. And yes, chandi Path and dEvi Mahatyam = same thing. You can get the text from online bookstores, but if you have no money then you must simply take shelter of Mother, pray to my great Guru who has all powers.

  27. Dear Guruji,
    Thanks for reading for me I will not take one meal on coming FRIDAY.
    I have mailed you my problems in detail kindly read it and guide me as what pooja I may do in daily pooja. I request you to pls read my mail.

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  30. Dear guruji, just wanted to know if i could read the navakshari mantra without initiation after reading the lalitha there any ill effects to it..?

  31. Namastae guruji,
    with your prayer and blessings i am able to complete my sankalpa of chanting 25 times Devi mahatmyam today friday and karthika. i am happy that i could do it on Devi's day.
    thanks a lot for ur prayer

  32. I was a great bhakt of Devi,but recently she ditched me by not giving me what i wanted.That was the thing that i have asked and the reason why i started reading devimahatyam.
    I am really really very very disappointed with her.I had told her if the wish does not get fulfilled kill me i am ok with that as well.BUt she chooses to keep me alive and also not fulfill my wish.
    NOt only her....its Tirupati Balaji & Kanchi puram kamakshi,madurai meenakshi,Padmavati also these people ditched me.
    I feel they never exist.
    I have done everything as per the rule book of reading,with shradha and bhakti and love and admiration for her.
    BUt all in vain.DEVI is a ?mark

  33. I was a great bhakt of Devi,but recently she ditched me by not giving me what i wanted.That was the thing that i have asked and the reason why i started reading devimahatyam.
    I am really really very very disappointed with her.I had told her if the wish does not get fulfilled kill me i am ok with that as well.BUt she chooses to keep me alive and also not fulfill my wish.
    NOt only her....its Tirupati Balaji & Kanchi puram kamakshi,madurai meenakshi,Padmavati also these people ditched me.
    I feel they never exist.
    I have done everything as per the rule book of reading,with shradha and bhakti and love and admiration for her.
    BUt all in vain.DEVI is a ?mark

    1. I started reading in 2011 navratri and have read it till last navratri every vasant and sharad navratri and also in between for 12 times,but still no luck to get my wish fulfilled..................Devi does not exist i have lost hopes and nomore love her

  34. Namaste!

    I was curious to know the benefits, from all sides, a chanter will seek by chanting the navakshar mantra.

    I had been given this mantra for myself by my brahmin aunt who is dedicated devotee and clean hearted.

    She guided me in past to read 108 Vishnu names too and she says that what good I have achieved in my life is result of the 108 names of Vishnu.
    I meant, since she is my guider and suggested to chant navakshar mantra so I am thinking I can chant that mantra.

    What are yours suggestions to this.

    1. I did send you a separate email... yes the navakshar mantra is perfection, it grants liberation and freedom from all fear. If you repeat this mantra without fear it will lead you to liberation. I have seen miracles happen with this mantra.

    2. Thank you very much for the reply, Swami ji!!
      But it looks like I have not received email from you.
      my email id is if you can re-share.

  35. put us is huge financial problen with her gambling habbits. She is not ready to listen or change. we have done everything we can to help her. She fights and gets angry alk the time. my mum is very stressedband has bad health because of it. my sister does not even care about her four year old daughter and my fiftten year old son who is sick. Im single mum and trying to keep the family together and support all. we are feeling very helpless because of my sister and her bad ways. We dont know what to do. Please help us God. I. My dad passed away because of my sisters stress as he could npt handle it anymore. I dont want the same for my familyband kids. I need your blessings. Please hel help us and show us the giod way to happiness abd blessings. Please help us. my sister and her ways are destroying the family and the members. Please help us Devi Maa

  36. My forty year old sister has put us is huge financial problem with her gambling habbits. She is not ready to listen or change. we have done everything we can to help her. She fights and gets angry all the time. my mum is very stressed and has bad health because of it. my sister does not even care about her four year old daughter and my fiftten year old son who is sick. Im single mum and trying to keep the family together and support all. we are feeling very helpless because of my sister and her bad ways. We dont know what to do. Please help us God. I. My dad passed away because of my sisters stress as he could npt handle it anymore. I dont want the same for my familyband kids. I need your blessings. Please hel help us and show us the good and right way to happiness and blessings. Please help us. my sister and her ways are destroying the family and the members. Please help us Devi Maa

  37. My forty year old sister has put us is huge financial problem with her gambling habbits. She is not ready to listen or change. we have done everything we can to help her. She fights and gets angry all the time. my mum is very stressed and has bad health because of it. my sister does not even care about her four year old daughter and my fiftten year old son who is sick. Im single mum and trying to keep the family together and support all. we are feeling very helpless because of my sister and her bad ways. We dont know what to do. Please help us God. I. My dad passed away because of my sisters stress as he could npt handle it anymore. I dont want the same for my family and kids. I need your blessings. Please help us and show us the good way to happiness abd blessings. Please help us. my sister and her ways are destroying the family and the members. Please help us Devi Maa. we feel we live in narak and unhappiness and scared of her and her ways. Please reply at and guide us and help us

    1. I did reply to your email, let me know if this did not get to you. The essence here, for all in severe family problems, is a call for you yourself to be heroic and turn the tide around by your own spiritual efforts. There are two wings of sadhana, self-effort and divine grace, and both are necessary. All blessings are there, but consider doing at least some japa to change this karma.

  38. Namaste Swamiji. With a great devotion and desire to sing her glory and with her grace under a guidance of guru I have learnt to read the preparatory slokas and Durga Saptasahiti 700slokas. Coincidentally it started on a Ashtami and ended on Akshayathrutiya of this year.My guru asked me to complete this 108 times after which I can complete Rahasyas.Till here everything was fine. The very next day I went to a chiropractor and in observation he pressed certain tender spots of spine where The agony of pain started.after 3days suffering in pain ,as the dots connect I was asked to go to a doctor in a different place.I went there and in diagnosis it was revealed that during my child birth due to the staff negligence the medication injected in my back actually penetrated my nervous system and later when my child was 2yrs I fell from stairs which complicated my entire back.The doctor treated me and said an injury which lasted 7yrs will take several weeks to heal .It is 3weeks now I still feel week and I am not doing any work either official/house/kids work feeling a bit depressed.I don't have even enough energy to sit in a asan to start revising Durga Saptasahiti .For a moment I feel did I do any thing wrong in my early recitation for which am is upset? what should I do to get better Swami...I want to be normal take care of two kids run arround for my house hold things...

    1. My dear Ma do not be worried at all! You cause Ma no offense with reciting the Chandi Path. She is all mercy, not cruelty, so pleaae be comforted you are dear to Her and Her Divine Heart is there for you. What is going on is karma, prarabdha katma, and at times in our lives we simply have to bear it. I know all about crippled backs... I had to have 2 discs removed many years ago and have scarecely been free of pain since then, but you can still be both in bliss and in pain! My suggestion is simply rest, take it easy, calm your worries and think of the Lord looking after you when you sleep. You will be ok, just be patient, be humble, and I know you are already very brave. I will prayer for your health...

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Thanks Swamiji.hopefully my health will recover fast with your prayers.Thanks again.

  41. Dear Panditji,

    Namaskar, I am in great need and help. For some reason my health started deteriorating and I went to a Pandit to find a cure for it. He told me he will do chandi path and durga sapsathi for my health. I recovered soon and my trust in that Pandit increased. I then called him up to ask him if now my health can ever go bad, he initially before getting the pooja done had assured me that now Devi Maa has blessed you and no one in this world can do anything on you. However, a few months later when I inquired about my health again he was like whatever I did for you was temporary, and soon after that my health has been deteriorating. I am in the most miserable condition right now. Please can you help me and tell me how can I recover from this?

    1. simple advice: be practical and be brave. Do some japa and take vibhuti, just a little mixed in water, offer it first before the deities. Email me with your email address, as your current email setting is "no reply". But above all, PRAY TO DIVINE MOTHER and do not pay others to pray for you. SIMPLY PRAY TO HER. Understanding will come.

  42. Dear Sri Tapasyananda ji,
    I am going through a difficult period in my marriage as it is practically on verge of divorce, and we have been living separately for about a month now. I have two young children 6 and 4 years old. I ended up looking up my kundli and found out about Durga saptashati path as a way to appease Rahu, my ongoing Mahadasha. And I have no words to describe what a treasure I have found. Yesterday, I read more about this path and decided to start from today. The minute I decided to read it, my neck and back pain of 8 days simply disappeared. Unfortunately I was not able to read beyond first adhayay today and hope to finish in next 2days as Sanskrit pronunciation was bit too difficult for me though I am fluent in reading Hindi. Any suggestions? I did kshama prarthana at the end and hope Maa will understand and give me strength to do better. I hope to do a better job of this over a period of time, with Maa's blessings. If possible could I please ask you to do this reading for me in your time to bring healing to all of us. I am feeling quite ashamed that I did not do a very good job today. I will keep reading it and will not give up easily, but today was just not good enough. Please give any advice to make the recitation better. Thanks and Jai Mata di.

  43. Pranaam swamiji....My name is Bisalni. Swami Ji please pray for me. That i will succeed in exams without any obstacles. I need to graduate in September 2014. Im very worried.

  44. pranam swami ji,

    My name is Saranya from the USA, I am a student of the chandi path. I have never had a formal guru for the chandi or any initiations. I have been chanting the full chandi path for a week now. Prior to that I practiced the seedha path version of the chandi with average results. Now I am chanting the complete path daily for one week. I am using the text translated by satyananda saraswati from Devi Mandir. I have also studied the text via devi mandir's online classes given by the Swami Satyananda and he was kind enough to answer few questions. I have no Guru at all but I have a strong desire to complete a chandi path sankalpa similar to yours. Is there any harm in chanting the text and undertaking the sankalpa without a guru. Will Chandi Maa provide a guru if one is needed ?

  45. Jai bhole nath guruji I belong to brahmin an familyer about jagdamba mahatmyam guruji when I recite the stotram I get anger towards the gods uncounciously the attaintion is turn into fear BT I have devotion towards shivshakti as parents its powerful and strong and difficult to keep patience so reciting of om namh Shivay is better an convention as sadhak first then after to recite the kunjikastotram in pure intention and stable text without any focus on the disered wish similarly as arti or bhajan "jai mata di "

  46. I find your blog very inspiring and interesting. Thank you so much for the kind and optimistic advices that you have been giving the world. It is a great service and may Ma continue to bless you in every way.

    I have vowed to start sadhana of "Ma" this Navrathri by reading the Devi Mahatmyam with full devotion. I already chant Lalitha Sahasranamam on a daily basis, I know it by-heart. Chanting it has given me immense peace and helps me forgive and forget my painful experiences and hurt feelings. SHE has always protected me and helped me deal with my problems in an integrated and balanced way. Just when I lose patience and start thinking that I am a failure, SHE inspires me to hold on and gives me strength to carry on. The only way I can express my gratitude towards HER is by increasing my devotion and love towards HER and learning to chant the "Chandi"

    Guruji, please pray for me, so that I can focus and submit myself to HER grace with true and pure devotion.

    Thank you. God bless.